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What we offer

Dogs instinctively adopt undesirable attitudes. For our greatest pleasure, it is up to us to guide them correctly.

Through positive reinforcement, our training method will encourage your dog to collaborate with you, making him cooperative in order to acquire the behavior you desire.

Our courses are adapted to the age of the dog and its learning process (puppy, teenager and adult).

Our formulas are combined with a preliminary assessment during which we will answer your questions and expectations, so that we can guide you in the best possible way.

The STEP BY STEP option is available to all dogs who have completed at least one formula with Aventure Pawsitive.

Choose a region and a course

All our one-off courses must be preceded by an assessment during which we get to know each other. Thank you for your interest!

Tuesday or Thursday: in France

Wednesday or Friday: in Switzerland

  • Bilan éducation Suisse
    Duration 1h30 to 2h

    From : 70.00 CHF Read more
  • Education course Switzerland
    Duration 1h

    From : 70.00 CHF Read more

Wherever you live, for greater flexibility, choose the location and type of service by clicking on one of the thumbnails.
Then all you have to do is choose the day and time of your course from the calendar.

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